Thursday, June 4, 2015

Smart Buildings is the foundation for Smart Cities

  • The government of India needs to develop 110 million housing units to achieve the vision of "housing for all by 2022". Encouraging private sector participation in urban affordable housing could help achieve this vision (KPMG).
  • Current annual investments in the housing sector are about US$ 120 billion, and are expected to be around US$ 2 trillion by 2022, translating to about US$ 250 billion annually (KPMG).
  • More than 2,771 green buildings projects are registered with the Indian Green Building Council (as on August 2014) with a footprint of over 2.23 billion sq ft (IGBC).
  • Buildings in India consume around 40 percent of total energy generated, and 20 per cent of water (Centre for Science and Environment).
  • Buildings in India generate 40 percent of the carbon emissions, 30 per cent of solid waste, and 20 per cent of water effluents (Centre for Science and Environment).
  • It is estimated that India can save around US$ 42 billion every year with efficient management of lighting, heating, air-conditioning, etc. (McKinsey & Company).
  • Smart building technologies reduce maintenance costs by 10-30 percent, and enhance occupant's comfort, health and safety.